Springtime in Colorado

Is Al Gore headed to Colorado to deliver a speech on global warming or something?

Taken this morning by my dad just north of Colorado Springs:

colorado snow in may

Another one below. Brrr.

colorado snow in may

UPDATE: Higher-res images now available. Click for a better look.

One year I was able to ski on June 10th at Arapaho Basin. The way it sits means that A-Basin is usually open later than any other ski areas on Colorado, but June 10th is pretty good and there was a lot of snow. Almost the whole area was open that day.

Talk about sunburn.


  1. But now that global warming has set in, it’s impossible to ski at A-basin after June 9 :(. We’re doomed! heh.

  2. Every time I see the word ‘Springtime’ I can’t help having this run through my head: ‘Springtime… for Hitler and Germany Winter for Poland and France’ Damn Mel Brooks

  3. heh – and here I’ve been trying to convince the S.O. that COS might be a good spot to head to after the kids are out of school – customer sure wants me out there… – SJS