M32 Grenade Launcher training

m32 grenade launcher

CAMP AL QA’IM, Iraq — Marines with Quick Reaction Force, Headquarters and Support Company, Task Force 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, attached to Regimental Combat Team 2, complete the sustained machine gun training and the Multiple Grenade Launcher 32, familiarization, fire and movement exercise. The training teaches Marines how to properly engage multiple targets performing suppressive fire and implementing a six-round semi-automatic grenade launcher instead of the single shot M203 traditionally used by Marines in combat.

Photo by: Cpl. Eric C. Schwartz
Photo ID: 2007621123321
Submitting Unit: 2nd Marine Division
Photo Date:06/21/2007

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  1. Does that thing reload with a magazine, or do you have to put a shell in each chamber?

  2. Kevin, I think it’s like a gigundo (6-shooter) revolver. It probable requires the 40-mm rounds be inserted one-at-a-time. ‘six-round semi-automatic grenade launcher’ semi-auto? Dang, that means no rock and roll!

  3. Why would you want to rock and roll with a 40mm? Sheesh, thats what the Mk19 is for…and they have to tripod that puppy! I have to say though that they should look at adapting FN’s little targeting module from the F2000 setup for this unit. Better first shot capability, less having to fire a follow up shot because the first one missed. Its a break open, spring loaded, semi auto revolver, same basic mechanism as the ‘Striker 12’ or ‘Street Sweeper’, just redesigned to handle the 40mm instead of the 12 gauge.