Anniversary of Kitty Hawk

Today is the anniversary of the first sustained controlled flight of a manned powered aircraft.

In 2003, on the 100th anniversary of the day that Orville and Wilbur Wright first flew their Flyer, I noted that it kicked of a century off Death and Destruction.

Face it. Airplanes kill people.

Also, how long did the Wrights work on their aircraft? They went from a bicycle shop to the first ever flight in a lot less time than it took to design and build the F-22 Raptor.


  1. Even scarier, from the Wright’s first flight to the first Nazi jet, the Heinkle 178, took less than 36 years.

  2. The Wright brothers blew it big time. They were not certified, they did not have any validation studies, no cost containment structures, no requirement specifications, no competitive bidding….If they were around today, they would be arrested.

  3. What’s that out in front of that airplane? It looks like — no, it couldn’t be — it looks like an canard. But, but, those were banned by the USAF because they didn’t like the way they look. What the hell, those are the same idiots that think 25 years is pushing the envelope for developing a fighter jet. Yeah, they sure make me feel safe, just like every time I think about the fact they couldn’t intercept a single hijacked airliner on 9/11. Yet even now they’re marching toward replacing 450 F-15s with 180 F-22s. Apparently stealth aircraft don’t have to obey any of the laws of physics…