Reloading made easy?

As technology advances, more and more military training is being conducted using computer simulations. And the line between many training programs and shooter games is blurring. But there is still a line.


From XKCD.


  1. that would make sense if this was the late 90s. Games have become a bit more realistic. Have you played Call of Duty 4? no more shooting power ups or boss battles or taking more than 5 rounds to bring someone down. Also, if you want a highly realistic military game, there is Operation Flashpoint for the xbox and pc. sure it came out a few years ago and the graphics are horrible, but its as realistic as it can get. besides, the air force uses flight sims, and i doubt they’re ‘ace combat’ style with 100 missiles and an afterburner that lasts forever and everything. these arent your childhood sims :P

  2. Ah, yes, OFP. Big ups to those guys. It isn’t perfect, but it struck a good balance between realism and playability. I lost years of my life to the various mods. (FDF, Lib41-45, and so on and on and on.) Anyway, XKCD was making an arcade shooter reference, so I give it a pass.

  3. Last time I went to the fake shooting range at Ft. Dix, my M203 would not reload at all so my fire team was killed by an APC.

  4. Wow, that sounds like a level 20 weapons technology. Speaking of Traveller references… T5 is just about here.

  5. Sam: I saw that about T5. Other than a short time dabbling with MegaTraveller, though, I’ve always stuck with the little black books.

  6. Last year, when I was in another state receiving training prior to deploying to the Stan, on my last contract; I had to shoot the M4 to State Dept standards at 100 m. Pretty lame shooting standard in my book, but then it was in keeping with my recent rifle shooting experience (none since 1999) and ability (I was always an indifferent rifle shot at best anyway). As I shouldered the M4 for the first time in seven years (I’d just got done running a serious physical fitness course in body armor/weapon, and it was 100+ degrees and very humid) laugh if you will………..but as I was peering through my fogged over shooting glasses with sweat running in my eye I actually thought to myself ‘this is just like all the iron sights in all those games you wasted your time at dummy, steady up and squeeze’. I qualified with ‘plenty of cushion to spare’ both times (had to shoot twice). Thank the gaming gods! LOL!