Hessians suffering the post-Christmas blues

A Run for the Guns

This scene of the Battle of Trenton on the morning of December 26, 1776 depicts Continental soldiers overrunning the Hessian artillery position following a short duel with American artillery. Lieutenant James Monroe, a future president of the United States, was badly wounded during this part of the battle. Firing from behind fences and the insides of buildings the Continentals quickly forced the Hessian garrison to surrender. (From: Soldiers of the American Revolution).

A little US Army holiday cheer.


  1. MO, I hope the Continental legal team approved the action, and had verifiable intelligence that all the Hessians were in fact combatants. I also trust that provisions were made to reimburse either Britain, Hesse, or other originating German state for seizing its field pieces. I wonder what the front page of the Dec 27, 1776 Newe Yorke Tymes was…something like, ‘Trigger-Happy Continentals Slay Dozens Trying to Surrender’ Below the fold: ‘Under-equipped citizen-soldiers forced to fight in frigid weather; insufficient body armor to sustain human wave attack against enemy artillery’

  2. Global Warming’ allows right-wing terrorists to cross icy river and massacre European Peace-Keepers.

  3. All right! All four of you are to report to training room 313 at O dark thirty on Monday, for sensitivity and awareness re-training. Your cynical and sarcastic views do not reflect our outstanding progrssive value system/s, Floyd Bottomline V.P. (People’s Commissar) Employee Wellness and Thought PS: Happy Holidays!