DID on the M4

Great post over at Defense Industry Daily on the most recent M4 controversy. Lots of background info and updates.


  1. Oops, meant to post this here: Talked to a friend of mine over lunch who had been in combat in Iraq with his reserve unit. I had sent him a copy of the previous article. He said he thought the M4 was great, but all he had to compare it to was the M16A1 and A2. He was shocked by the numbers, although he said the M16A1s they trained with jammed constantly. He also mentioned that the AK-47s the terrorists were using jammed all the time too. I suppose the desert is a hostile environment for any gun, and the terrorists probably don’t get the top line stuff.

  2. FYI hammer-forged barrels have been part of the C7/C8 package used by the Canadian Army since 1984, made by ‘Colt Canada’. Cheers

  3. Dfens brings up a good point (well, his friend made the point to him) about the AK 47 jamming in the harsh conditions. Would have been nice to throw 10 AK’s into the Army’s test just to see the results.

  4. The linked article sickens me. Our DOD is happy to spend $100 million a piece for new fighters planes that will probably never be in a dogfight, but not $1,000 for a decent rifle. The story about the Sargent shot while he tried to clear his rifle is terrible – we betrayed that man. I hear that crap about keeping your rifle clean and it pisses me off. I cleaned my rifle twice a day when I was in the Gulf – it still jammed after a couple of shots. Blaming the Marine instead of the crap equipment you was issued is BS. Rumsfield, Senator Dodd, Gen Browne – you all suck.

  5. I agree with Bram, it does suck and we are failing our soldiers. I am failing our soldiers every day when I go to work. I’m doing the best I can for them and still failing them. I’ve got nothing left to give. I’ve watched the defense industry go to hell in a handbasket day after day and yet I still find myself wondering how it could have possibly got this bad. The reality is, Bram, in today’s military the soldier serves the weapon. The weapon does not serve the soldier. Frankly, the more expensive the weapon, the more that statement is true.