March 23: Two Holidays for the Price of One this year

Rachel Lucas, whose boyfriend is leaving to deploy to Iraq:

I hereby declare March 23 as Punch A Hippie In The Nuts Day. All you have to do to celebrate it is find a hippie, ask him how he feels about the military, and if he says anything other than –I love it because those guys make it possible for me to be a worthless hippie”, punch him right in the nuts.

It may not be religious, but that is one RIGHTEOUS suggestion for a holiday.

Via Snowflakes in Hell.


  1. I think it would be more effective if we simply enforced our laws against treason. We have lost sight of what ‘freedom’ is when we allow people who hate this country to use our own institutions against us. How can you have a reasonable discussion of foreign policy with someone who enjoys the benefits of living in your country while hating its very existance? How can you ever find common ground? People think of freedom as being freedom from something. It’s not freedom from, it is freedom to. It is freedom to achieve, freedom to contribute; not freedom to destroy or freedom to lie. We will never understand the US Constitution unless we understand that basic premise upon which it was founded. Treason should not be tolerated as a first amendment right because it destroys freedom. It is not, as is the commonly held misconception, proof of its existance.

  2. Good observations, unfortunately this is just another symptom of the general slide in academic study in grades 1-12, the shift to the left by mcuh of academia, and the rise of moral equivalency. BTW: My back is really bothering me, think I slept on it funny last night……….I assume a kick is an acceptable substitute for the punch? LOL!

  3. Heh, If they complain about it, or try to have you arrested, just do as the leftists do: Claim it was ‘performance art’ and start complaining about ‘police brutality’. :)