Very similar to Free Speech in several respects

Provided nameless folks don’t complain that they’re offended, in which case you’ll be told that it’s offensive and that –that’s all you need to know.”

Funny, but try this with some other minority groups on campus and I bet there’d be a bit of a ruckus.


  1. If they don’t give a damn for the 2nd amendment, why should any of us believe they have any more respect for the 1st? I mean, unless some liberal court can twist that one in some way to benefit these losers. Maybe the school could print their ‘Gun Free Zone’ posters on the backs of bullet proof vests, then they’d have some basis for contention with these posters. Until such a time, those posters are absolutely 100% correct, declaring the school a ‘gun free zone’ does nothing to protect anyone but criminals and mass murderers. Maybe the school administration should be pressed to find out why they consider the rights of such scum to be more important than the 1st or 2nd amendment rights of law abiding students.

  2. So what if ‘I’ find these people and their actions ‘Offensive’. I’m just as ‘offended’ by vandalism and stupidity as they are about signs with which they disagree. I say we need to get offended a lot more when stuff like this happens – raise a big stink. No I’m not saying we should sink to the level of vandalizing people we don’t agree with; or being so thin skinned that we get offended every where we go – its just the principle of the thing. Basically we are offended by them and they by us. Big whoop; we just laugh or shake our heads and move on. They go cry to some authority to get our rights infringed. That is something to get offended at. These students ought to sue the pants off the school and whoever was ‘complaining’.