Navy’s ERGM Cancelled

EX171 Extended Range Guided Munition (ERGM)

I was going to post about how the EX 171 Extended Range Guided Munition (ERGM) was in trouble, but I wasn’t quick enough and now it’s had its funding stopped.

The end comes after the Navy spent more than $600 million on unsuccessful efforts by Raytheon to produced a precision munition that could be fired from a ship’s 5-inch gun and then fly, guided by satellites, to a target about 50 miles away.

ERGM failed a series of test firings in February, according to industry sources.

Below is a video of an ERGM test.


  1. So, does this leave only the rail gun project as hoped-viable alternative to the old 16/50 battleship rounds?

  2. Ya know the ERGM round was the big selling point for the DDX debacle. The ERGM round out ranged the 16 inch gun and would enable the DDX to out range shore batteries and still give fire support. …. so why are we getting the DDX?

  3. I’m not real surprised, the miltech community has always had (for very good reasons) difficulty in getting guidance technology to survive the g loads of launch from tube artillery (hope the coil gun tech just uses dumb rounds and REALLY good targeting comps!). Don’t think I’d care to take a ride out the muzzle at those speeds! LOL!

  4. You’re kidding. This was their justification for mothballing the 16 inchers? Every day the story gets sadder and sadder…

  5. The DD(X) is scheduled to use the 155mm LRLAP, not the 5′ ERGM. So don’t be overly harsh. It will probably be at least another year before the LRLAP is canceled.

  6. My bad, too many acronyms. Of course, the Navy in its infinite wisdom would cancel the precursor program (EGRM)as unable to meet it program goals while pushing the added capability program(LRLAP). ‘Lockheed Martin has been awarded the contract for the LRAP EDM. The family of munitions is expected to include land attack and ballistic projectiles. Technologies derived from the US Navy’s Extended-Range Guided Munition (ERGM), the US Army 155mm XM-982 projectiles and the DTRA 5in projectile are being studied for incorporation into the projectile suite’

  7. How about a Critical Range Accurate Projectile? Now that would be truth in advertising! LOL!

  8. So we spent 600 million + and got ??? The right to funnel more more money into a more ambitious program ?? Where is my refund

  9. Refund? You pay for process, not results. Your money was processed. Thousands of people ensured that the process was followed to the letter of the law. You pay for results, you get results. You pay for process, you get process. Lots and lots of process.