BB Gatling Gun — Only $1.00

Boy, have times changed.

Back then you ordered fully auto BB guns out of comic books. Today your kid can’t buy BBs if he’s under 18 and we get headlines like this.


  1. Only five times? 😉 We used to have BB gun battles back in Jr. High, graduated to bottle rocket fights in High School and I even witnessed an M-80 exchange between my cousin’s friends while visiting his family one year over 4th of July.

  2. ‘Back then you ordered fully auto BB guns out of comic books> Yup. I remember them. The Daisy BB gun advertisement was usually sandwitched between the Charles Atlas ‘kick the sand in the punny kids face and 50-exotic stamps from places I never heard of on approval. My dad bought me my Daisy when I was about 7-year old. A lever action beauty with a leather thong hanging from a ring on the side. You poured the BBs out of a red cardboard tube into the small tube below the barrel. Probably held 50-BBs. We lived in the wilds of West Miami back in the early 1950s, so I could spend hour after hour trudging through the palmetto trees after the elusive prey. I never did shoot anything except some paper targets……..well maybe a few tin cans, soda bottles and an odd lightbulb. Funny thing. No one and I mean NO ONE ever thought about the Daisy being dangerous. It was an accepted part of BOYS growing up. Then again that’s when they had full page ads in Life magazine with doctors extolling the cool, refreshing and relaxing experience of smoking Chesterfield cigerettes!

  3. I had Toejam spotted as a leather thong kind of guy way back. I wouldn’t have guessed he’d been into them since he was 7, though.

  4. Yup Dfens, You’re correct. Want me to post a picture of a 66-year old dude (me) in my alligator skin (teeth included) jock strap? Got it as a present fom Crocodile Dundee for winning 1st prize in the local ‘out-back’ kangaroo skinning contest. I didn’t think so!