Orange Tank – Virtually Undetectable in the Correct Environment

Orange Leopard 2 Tank

Dutch Leopard 2.

This is apparently in support of the Dutch team in European Championship football. Video here.

FWIW, I’d sure be interested to see the how the new Leopard 2 A6s fare in heavy combat. They look pretty good. (Well, unless they’ve been painted orange…)


  1. Looks like ONE MEAN MACHINE. However I wonder what its Carbon Footprint is like. The Europhiles are big into saving the planet from the horrible Co2 monster. Of course if its engine runs on tofu that’s OK!

  2. KMW Leopard 2 A6M / 2 A4 Main Battle Tank – Specifications Crew: driver, gunner, loader / radio op., commander Armament: Rheinmetall L/55 120mm / L/44 120mm main gun, 42 rounds, main gun range: 3,500 m (11,483 ft) Size: L x 9.97m / 9.67m (gun fwd.), 7.74 / 7.72m (hull), W x 3.74m / 3.54, H x 3.0m / 2.8m (cupola top) Weight: Combat weight: 62 tonnes / 55.15 tonnes Engine/trans: 1100 kW MTU MB 873. Renk HSWL 354 Max. Speed: 68 – 72 km/h, off-road 55 km/h, reverse 31 km/h Range: 500 / 550 km (road cruising), off-road varies Looks like the Nordic warfighters are back on the right track…so to speak.

  3. Sorry for the double-post Murdoc. Your comment software really gave me the runaround. Then again, it might be my antiqated service provider which uses carrier pidgeons. Analog pigeons might I add.

  4. Yes I believe the Canooks do have them in Afghanistan Gab. I think they leased them through Hertz International because they have a Yellow circle decal on the rear part of the turret with a ‘1’ in it!

  5. It’s a German tank painted in the colors of the Dutch national team. It’s soccer blasphemy to be using a German tank for the promotion of the Dutch national side. 😛 Still pretty cool though, it’s arguable the best MBT in the world. Just a massive hunk of metal and firepower.

  6. I don’t believe they need this for their football (soccer) team! They have performed incrediably well so far and look to be tournament favourites.

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