Heil America?

Photo from Zombietime’s coverage of protests and counter-protests at the Berkeley Marine Corps Officer Recruiting Office:

Heil America

They did this during the playing of The Star Spangled Banner. Those are some classy folks.

It takes a real courageous person to stand in Berkeley and criticize the US government and the military.

I particularly like the guy saluting with his left arm. Must be too busy texting with his right hand to do it right.


  1. Maybe we should round them up and water-board them for protesting. Oh wait, there’s an organization out there that is sworn on their sacred honor to protect the Constitutional rights of all Americans and I hear they play rough. What are they called again?…

  2. The funny thing is the people who use Nazi symbolism just don’t understand that if we, the people of the right, were anything like the real National Socialists of Germany, their butts would be rounded up and deported in no time. They think they are ‘speaking truth to power’, an expression I despise, but in reality we are very tolerant and so there is minimal risk to them for doing so. If we really were Nazis, they would probably suck up to us like they do to the Islamists.

  3. A Marine volunteers to go though a grueling training program, to go in to harm’s way for his country, to be away from his friends and loved ones for months to years at a time, to engage in the most terrifying and violent acts known to humans, and to, if necessary, give up their lives for their brothers in arms and their nation. These people wake up in the morning and don’t have any pressing need to go out and earn a living. They have the time and luxury to go out to one recruiting station and vilify those very same Marines, and then no doubt go home to sleep in their warm, safe beds at night. The difference couldn’t be more stark to me. My boss served in small boats during Vietnam. When he came home he couldn’t wear his uniform home for fear of being verbally, abused, attacked or worse. I think I’ve just seen the type of open minded, tolerant, peace loving souls who would behave that way given the chance and a mob mentality. It depresses me sometimes to live here in the Bay Area. Its a beautiful place to live, and yet some ugly people share it with the rest of us.

  4. Besides being disgusting ingrates as Nadnerbus says, they are incredibly ignorant of history. The National SOCIALIST Party was a left-wing radical organization. These pansies would agree with most of Hitler’s agenda: gun control, government managed economy, free health care, relatively high minimum wages, etc…