M1028 120mm Canister Tank Cartridge

I’ve mentioned this a few times, but here’s video of the M1028 canister round for the M1 tank:

This is in the field in Iraq and has been for some time. I haven’t heard much about it.


  1. Real glad I wasn’t in front of it! Hey, Murdoc! Be great if you were being attacked by a heavily armed band of terrorist deer in November! :)

  2. ‘Could fill the freezer, that’s for sure!’ Yup. Could also make your dentist rich by capping all those broken teeth.

  3. It’s been getting rave reviews from the troops since it was urgently fielded in 2005. There’s a 105mm version, too, the M1040, now in service on the Stryker-based Mobile Gun System. Besides troops, it does quite a number on light vehicles and fortifications. And we thought grapeshot died with muzzle-loading cannon …

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