This simply defies belief!

Palestinian rockets fired at Israel despite truce

The jackasses who fired the rockets claim it was retaliation for an Israeli raid in the West Bank, which is not part of the Gaza cease-fire agreement.


  1. That depends what you believe in. It confirms all of beliefs about the honor and intelligence of Middle East Terrorists.

  2. Let them have a final fight once and for all, no holds barred. I am tired of this being on the agenda in this country year after year. Every President it seems has to spend countless hours and political capital trying to solve the problems of these people. We spend billions each year helping the Israelis and paying off ‘friendly’ Arabs to keep the peace. Let them have at it and see who wins. The Arabs have the numbers, the Israelis have the skill and technological prowess. That seems like a fair fight to me. If the Israelis win, great no need for further aid. If the Arabs win, fine no need for any aid.

  3. That fight is over – the Isrealis won big every time. This is about what the whiny losers get to keep. In hindesight, the Isrealis made a mistake by not just tossing all the ‘Palestinians’ into Jordan, Eygpt, and Syria after one of their wars as a condition of the cease-fire.

  4. Many of the West Bank Palestinians I met (June ’04 to March ’06) were sick and tired of all the fighting, tension, bad economic times, restrictions, etc…………..and would like nothing more than to come to an accomodation of some sort, even though most felt they’d been treated unfairly by the Israelis. The problem on the Palestinian is two fold. 1. No unified Palestinian Government that effectively governs by & for it’s people. 2. About a zillion factions of various stripes, none of whom exert even modest control over it’s members. All it takes is two young guys with an attitude about ‘something’, and they’re off, blowing stuff up, shooting at people, robbing, or firing off rockets no matter what their fation leadership has stated the ‘should be’ doing. Despite the basic decency and willingness of many Palestinians, to compromise in some fashion with the Israeli’s, the W. Bank was one of the most anarchic places I’ve ever been.

  5. If it is over and they won big time, then when will we no longer have to be involved in their financial and political affairs? We spend more time and money on this miserable piece of real estate than we do for the vast majority of states in the United States of America.