Guard Border Mission Nears End

On the border:

The Guard’s two-year mission is to end by mid-July, but there’s controversy about its withdrawal as there was about its deployment, which some criticized as excessive militarization of the nation’s southern boundary.

The Soldiers and Airmen were here in a supporting role for the Border Patrol: They built roads and fences, flew helicopters for surveillance or transport and manned observation posts along the border, but they never made the arrests.

While the federal government–and the governors of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas — have lauded the military’s work, the Bush administration is rejecting the states’ requests to prolong the mission.

For what it’s worth, Murdoc has no problem whatsoever with putting troops on the border. Our nation is at war, and in some cases a little bit of “militarization” is called for.

Granted, actually securing the border does not seem to fit in with the current state of homeland security…

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  1. It used to be the Army’s job. That ended when 11th Cav Div was disbanded in 1949 without replacement…

  2. My idea of ‘excessive militarization’ would involve armed soldiers, Apache helicopters, a couple of predators armed with hellfire missiles etc. Having soldiers and airmen provide support by building fences and roads seems like common sense to me and something that should continue.

  3. Most international borders are militarized. Ours are abnormal in that regard. The only treaty we have demilitarizing a border was with the UK and concerns the Canadian border. It settled the western border.

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