Haditha Counter

I totally forgot to post anything about this, but Sgt. Gibby has a write-up so check it out.

I’ve just been waiting for Murtha to apologize about the “cold-blooded murder” thing.


  1. Personally, I think Murtha should be prosecuted for treason for his statement rather than sued. He clearly hurt our war effort. The problem with tolerating treasonous speech is that it detracts from reasoned debate on the war effort. Clearly no one who wants our country to win a war can have anything to discuss with someone who wants our country to lose or our soldiers to be dishonored. It certainly has no more place in a free society than something as stupid as yelling fire in a crowded movie house.

  2. I am at a loss to explain this guy. On one hand, he’s a vet who’s been there, done that. On the other hand he talks like he’s a card carrying Jane Fonda aerobics Valedictorian. I she so self serving he has the moral flexibility to say and do whatever he thinks best for himself and the Dems…………..or is it something else? When I get to be Dictator………………things will be DIFFERENT! :)

  3. Benedict Arnold was a guy who’d been there and done that too. If we’re going to have a democracy, which is questionable right now anyway, then we need to be able to have debate. We need to spend less time figuring out why certain people’s opinions cannot be questioned and more time asking the right questions. Our elections are more like a football game than a political process.