MP5 vs. AK47

MP5 is more deadly than AK says Indian Commando

The Firearm Blog:

The Indian National Security Guard (NSG) have stooped pretty low. They are claiming part of the reason the Mumbai terror attacks were so deadly was because the terrorists were carrying MP5s and the NSG Commandos only had AK-47s.

Um, no.

Though I do wonder why the bad guys were using MP5s. Did they pick them up from downed cops, maybe? After the AK ammo ran out?

Because they had used it all up shooting cops armed only with MP5s?

(I don’t really know. Just thinking out loud.)

UPDATE: Mumbai Mysteries Mount Up: Were foreigners really targeted by terrorists in Mumbai?

UPDATE 2: Also see How Gadgets Helped Mumbai Attackers

UPDATE 3: It wasn’t the weapons, it was the people behind the trigger.


  1. I can’t make up my mind whether watching the footage of Indian cops/paramilitary clearing rooms with full-length G3 combat rifles was amusing or sad. Probably both.

    I suspect terrorist marksmanship training is better than that of the NSG, myself.

  2. I’ve seen pictures of Indian commandoes with MP5s. Their regular Army troops seem to all have the new 5.56 INSAS rifles. The local cops/militia seem to be the ones with 7.62 FALs. I haven’t seen any G3s.

    The only AK47’s I’ve seen were in the hands of the terrorists. The INSAS rifle is loosely based on the AK-74 so maybe that’s what they are talking about.

  3. I believe MP5s are much easier to control in full auto than AK-47s due to less recoil/lower muzzle rise. There’s also the length issue Hawk points out.

    There’s a reason SWAT teams and such often use MP5s. They’re not as effective as a battle rifle in a full-on war but in urban/police type actions SMGs have distinct benefits.

    However, I doubt the type of weapon really matters if the police don’t even feel like shooting back in the first place.

  4. I think theres a lot of mistaking of guns used,if you saw the CNN survivor account, the guy said that they were using AK-56’s,lol, the gunmen obviously used some soviet AKM variation some point in time, and i dont even think india has enough government money on hand to buy G3s, but I do know like Bram that india produces the INSAS on liscence from H&K, anyway, NSG sucks at creating scapegoats and lies in general, especially when survivors who obviously dont know of firearms that well can identify the specific type of gun you just said they werent using, they didnt really need a to lie in the first place

  5. The MP5 would have 3 advantages over an AK in a CQB-type environment:

    1-size; it’s smaller and easier to handle in tight spaces. That said, the AK is generally a fairly short and handy rifle.

    2-sights; the AK’s sights are one of it’s shortcomings, although it’s much less at short range

    3-ergonomics; it’s much easier to go from safe to fire on an MP5. The AK’s safety almost seems to be designed to make it difficult to go from safe to fire.

    In the hands of well-trained troops, this generally shouldn’t make any difference. I’m going to guess the Indian army/police types in Bombay weren’t exactly super-well trained, or equipped.

  6. I believe the Pakistani Army issues G3’s. The Indian Army issued FAL’s until they started replacing them with the INSAS.

    The MP5 and the UMPs are great little close combat weapons. Some teams have switched them out for 5.56 carbines because the 9mm isn’t much good against bad guys with body armor.

  7. To Clarify: I’m not dogging the MP5. It obviously is a successful weapon and has things that it’s very very good at.

    What I’m dogging is the excuse that the terrorists did so well because they had MP5s instead of AKs. That’s totally pathetic.

  8. Murdoc, agreed. If I were a terrorist and had the choice I’d take the AK. When the police and military start shooting at you, You can demolish obstacles like doors and walls much more effectively, and as Bram pointed out you have better chance of penetrating body armor. Otherwise there isn’t all that much difference. A civilian shot with either will be in plenty bad shape.

  9. I did see one news report where the cops were using an HK-MP5 (with collapsible stock).

    The video of this “chump” was that of him firing it into the building with one hand and with that hand raised above the head to get a better angle on the shot (with his MP-5). This sort of stuff I’ve seen in news reports from African militias… but didn’t expect it from a “trained” force!

    Thank goodness they didn’t storm any rooms! The Indians proved they were incompetent… sort of brings visions of the Russian raids on the theatre where they gassed half the people to death.

  10. “The Indians proved they were incompetent… sort of brings visions of the Russian raids on the theatre where they gassed half the people to death”.

    Ah, no, the Russian stuff doesn’t go to their competence, it goes to their sense of priorities.

  11. I think P.M. Lawrence hits the nail on the head, so to speak.

    It usually looks like the Russians are a bit sloppy and and not up to, say, Delta Force standards. But my guess is that their top level is probably roughly equivalent to our top level.

    They just aren’t as careful about collateral damage. To us it looks sloppy.

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