More on the pledge video

Last week Buckethead pointed out this video:

Remember, George W. Bush was just like Hitler and his administration was Nazi. This sort of thing, meanwhile, is constructive. I mean, Bruce Springsteen didn’t play at Bush’s inauguration, did he?

(Uncomfortable question time: Aren’t these people saying that they weren’t being great mothers and great fathers before Obama was elected? That only now they will represent their country with pride, dignity, and honesty? That they didn’t care for the elderly until now? That they didn’t meet their neighbors? Suddenly they’re going to worry about the environment today? Seriously, I was doing a lot of these things already. Why weren’t they?)

Obviously the video is drivel. The problem is that many people are going to buy the drivel. Buy it by the bucket.


Celebrities Who’ve Maligned America for Eight Years Suddenly Announce “We’re All In This Together”

Remember when they put out a similar video after 9/11? Nope, me neither.

He also uses a naughty word.

The Iowahawk transcription is, predictably, a bit funny.


  1. Sad thing is, many of these hollywood folks on self-display are kind of … homely. If it wasn’t for their brilliant parody of political analysis, no one would watch them.

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