Lead Ammo Ban coming to Washington?

Last September over at GunPundit, I noted a proposal that the NRA said was an attempt to ban lead ammunition in the state of Washington.

Kathy Davis, a spokesperson for the Washington State Department of Ecology, contacted me and pointed out that they were not calling for a ban on lead ammo, just a “voluntary, educational program to promote the use of non-toxic alternatives.”

Here is how that voluntary, educational program will work if Washington’s Senate Bill 5095 becomes law:

    If you use non-approved ammunition in a restricted area:
  1. Misdemeanor
  2. $1000 fine
  3. Lose hunting privileges for 2 years

If that’s the “voluntary, educational program,” I’d sure hate to see the outright ban.

More details over at GunPundit.


  1. Murdoc,

    If you plan on hunting in Washington State after that bill is passed go with the ammo at this site.


    It’s even been approved by Al Gore and environmentally friendly!

  2. If lead ammunition is as toxic as some folks like to think, most of Europe and Asia would be uninhabitable.

    Verdun or the Somme on their own would have caused nothing to ever ever ever ever ever grow again.

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