Franzetta BSG Concept Art

Frank Frazetta\'s take on \"Scramble the Viper Squadron, we\'re going to kick some tin-can ass!\"

Frank Frazetta's take on 'Scramble the Viper Squadron, we're going to kick some tin-can ass!'

I’d seen a couple of these before, but not all of them. It seems I’ve seen at least one other that isn’t included, too, that I think was a different take on the “Ice Planet Zero” image and was used as a cover for the novelization I read when Battlestar Galactica first came out. (Though maybe that wasn’t actually Franzetta.)

See the rest here.


  1. My favorite genre: “Lingerie & Laser Cannons”….. 😉

    SciFi’s greatest contribution to literature.

  2. I’ve been a big Frazetta fan since the late 60s (cringe!), when I first came across the Lancer Conan paperback series, by L. sprague eCamp, Lin Carter, and Bjorn Nyborg. Great stuff!

    If the painting above isn’t a Frazetta………it’s certainly in his style. Brings new meaning to the term “sprayed on”. LOL!

    PS: Where do I sign up for duty with that squadron?!

  3. Flanker,
    I don’t know that you have the ass to make that uniform really work. Not taking anything away from you, just sayin’.

    If anyone’s interested, the Frazettas maintain a musuem on their estate in PA:

    And there is a spiffy documentary about Frank Sr I caught flipping chanels one night:

  4. I have a rare poster. It has a teradactal,a tiger,and a practicaly naked woman.You can tell it was once painted on canvas,then massed produced.OH!..theres a year “1971”.Its in good condition.Im wanting to sell it.

  5. Actually…It looks to be canvas.Not sure tho.Someone had burnt the edges and adhered to a piece of old,but nice, wooden wall panel with a generous amount of clearcoating gloss. the reason why i say it looks to be canvas…some of the “paper” is flexible.Im gonna take it to check for authenticity.Hope I can be able to show w/pics soon. Please contact me on any thoughts. I thank you for your time. JERRY J. VAUGHT

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