Obama’s bringing the troops home!

National Guard set to pull out of New Orleans

Honestly, I didn’t know that there were still NG units stationed in New Orleans.


  1. “Brining” them home, eh? Their salt content will be much higher by the time they get back, me thinks =P

  2. I heard a report on Fox News that they pulled the National Guard out about a year ago when the murder, rape, arson, assault, burglary, etc, etc rates were beginning to fall.

    But as soon as the green machine passed the town boundries the crime rate in all catagories took off like a Saturn 5 so the Guard had to re-assault the ville.

    Got me a feeling it’s gonna have to be a repeat performance in a few weeks.

    I’ve never been to the place and I really have no desire……

    Cept maybe after a 90-foot high tidal wave blows through and flushes all the turds down the Mississippi delta.

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