Boston 26.2

Right now they’re running in Boston. I’ve qualified for next year’s race and will be in the 114th running of the grandaddy marathon.

Right now US runners are in the lead pack for both men and women.

UPDATE: Kara Goucher led the women until real late and finished third. Ryan Hall faded earlier but battled back and also finished third in the men’s race.

Two third-place finishes is quite an accomplishment for American running.


  1. I stand a little bit in awe of folks who can pull this off. Let alone finish at the front of the pack. It’s definitely on my Bucket List, though (finishing, not finishing at the front of the pack)…

  2. Grats! I ran in that marathon once in the 90’s. I made it halfway down Boylston street. Then I noticed an ice-cream store, so the race was over for me.

  3. MO,
    Let’s stay in touch…if you’re gonna be in the area for a night or two maybe we can cross paths.

  4. GL: Sounds good. We’re actually hoping to turn the thing into a bit of an educational trip for our kids as part of the excursion, so we will be in the area for several days at least.

    I might not be walking on Monday afternoon, or Tuesday, though. Just watching the race coverage was a bit intimidating…

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