Danger Room on Korea

As Crisis Deepens, U.S. Bolsters South Korea’s Arsenal

On Tuesday, the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency — the Pentagon arm that manages foreign military sales — made public plans to sell the South Koreans more surface-to-air missiles and upgrade its F-16 fighters so they can drop Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) smart bombs.

The proposed upgrade of 35 F-16s, the agency said, would allow the Republic of Korea Air Force “to adequately operate the F-16 weapon system to its fullest and utmost capability in both a deterrent role and a coalition role with United States Forces Korea and the Combined Forces Command.”

In other words, it will allow South Korean F-16s to hit artillery and anti-aircraft systems that are often hidden in bunkers and caves north of the DMZ. South Korea’s fleet of F-15Ks (pictured here) already have a precision strike capability; upgrading F-16s would allow the Republic of Korea Air Force to take on more “hardened facilities” in North Korea.

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  1. I predict nothings gonna happen till June 25. Then North Korea will invade the South and the balloon goes up.

    America hasn’t the manpower on the ground to stop the North. North Korea, whose 1.2-million strong military is one of the world’s largest.

    So the only alternative will be a massive Cruise Missile strike. Possibly with low yield nukes.

    But China has got to be smoozed by Hillary to stand back and watch.

    Roosevelt got America out of the last great depression by fighting both the Germans and Japanese at the same time. This time the messiah will do it by fighting the Taliban and North Koreans at the same time.

  2. Damn TJ! That;s pretty cynical……..but your’re right, it was Deomcratic Admins that took us into most of the major conflicts of the last century wasn’t it. WWI, WWII, Korea, ‘Nam, oh yea…’n that thug, Bush. DDOOHH!!

    Seriously………I don’t see this going anywhere except a bunch of yapping by us and our SE Asian allies. The only way it’s going to heppen is your scenario……the NKs start the shooting (granted that may be in response to their ships getting stopped and/or searched). I bet the Chinese would just love to see us and some more of our allies take another financial and combat power pounding!

  3. Those 140 F-16 Block 52 and 40 F-15K and another hundreds of F-4s and F-5s will do the job for SK.

  4. TJ:
    It is obvious to those that know modern Korean/US history.
    25 June 1950…

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