Claiming the Predators are Illegal

Predator Drones Could Face Legal Challenges From Human Rights Advocates

Human rights activists at odds with President Obama over his recent national security decisions are indicating that they might legally challenge the U.S. military’s use of Predator drones, a weapon that intelligence officials say is their single most effective tool in combating Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan…

Gabor Rona, international legal director of Human Rights First, a U.S.-based group that advocates universal rights and freedom, said large number of civilians are being unintentionally hit, harmed and killed.

“This is not only a violation of the international laws of war,” he said. “It’s bad policy.”

Interestingly, Murdoc Online and Blogagog teamed up a few years ago to solve this fearful dilemma. Here’s the new Predator-B (MQ-9 Reaper):

MQ-9 Reaper Predator B UAV

MQ-9 Reaper Predator B UAV

Obviously, that’s scary as all get out. And look at all those weapons. It’s time to stop all this senseless terror-mongering and get a little friendlier.

So, below, is the proposed Predator-B(S) by Murdoc and Blogagog:

MQ-9 Greeter (Predator BS) UAV

MQ-9 Greeter (Predator B(S)) UAV

The ‘S’ stands for “smiley.” This new version has twice the bomb load and three times the love of earlier versions.


  1. Damn! I was suppecting you scamps of photoshopping the top photo! LOL!

    Well nothing says I love you to that very special terrorist like a BIG smile………………and a hellfire up the………. LOL! And it would be a big step towards blowing people up more humanely.

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