Friday Linkzookery – 12 Jun 2009

Officials explain growth in fighter gap totals
It’s taking longer than expected to inspect Hornets and clear them for more hours, and fewer are passing than planned. In short, the Navy is effed.

Russia Will Protect Interests in Arctic: Official
Three-way saber rattling over the Arctic continues.

Gas Discovery Changes Israel’s Energy Picture
A huge natural gas discovery 50 miles off the Israeli coast at Haifa could potentially meet Israel’s energy needs for 20 years.

Training the Top Guns of drone aircraft
U.S. Air Force Weapons School for advanced Predator and Reaper training.

The plan for smaller, faster, deadlier UAVs
But still saying “no” to a unmanned nuclear bomber.

Cops are experts at applying force to gain coercion, they aren’t legal experts.
I’m often surprised at how often cops don’t seem to know the laws, particularly those involving guns.

Fisherman hooks live missile in Gulf of Mexico
It was a Sidewinder. He WANTED TO KEEP IT. The local AFB said no.

AR15 Fix by Adams Arms
My article at about this retrofit piston system for ARs.

Soldiers Disrupt Timber Smuggling in Afghan Province
The article says lumber smuggling is more lucrative than drugs or gems.

Get Ready for Inflation and Higher Interest Rates
The unprecedented expansion of the money supply could make the ’70s look benign.

I Inherited This Crisis
Sure, it’s not like it’s all Obama’s fault. But he’s not helping things today and he seems intent on making tomorrow a lot worse.

EA-18G gets ops nickname: ‘Grizzly’
“Growler” sounds too much like “Prowler.”

Iguana Hunting
Yes, Murdoc said “Iguana Hunting.”

Heroes On the Water Goes National
Kayaking program for wounded service members.

TAC 15 – Tactical Assault Crossbow
Evil Black Bolt Thrower. With video.

Josh Friedman blogs about the day his show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was axed
Because while you may be a bubble show to your family and your fans, as far as the studio goes the minute your show wraps you are a deadbeat renter who’s already forfeited his cleaning deposit.

The Carnival of Homeschooling
Field Guide to Homeschoolers at Principled Discovery.


  1. Great review, man! You wisely avoided making any controversial statement. But I cant resist:

    After the SCAR and Adam Arms experiencies, if you had the chance to chose only a single gun to rely your life on it, it would be it piston or direct gas?

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