LandWarrior Headed to Afghanistan

The Army’s LandWarrior system will be making its first brigade-wide deployment when the 5thBrigade, 2nd Infantry Division hits the ground in Afghanistan. It was used by a battalion, with pretty good success, in Iraq.

The soldiers of 5th Brigade begin deploying to southern Afghanistan this month and should see less urban combat than previous Stryker deployments to Iraq. But each unit in the brigade will receive Land Warrior. Team leaders, squad leaders, platoon leaders, platoon sergeants and higher will all be equipped with the system.

The two Fort Lewis Stryker brigades deploying later this year to Iraq have requested the system but are unlikely to receive it before they leave, said John Geddes, the Land Warrior trail boss at Fort Lewis.

No doubt the use of the system in a different type of environment and on a larger scale will turn up both more problems and more new uses.

5th Brigade is the one that had been training for Iraq but was shifted to Afghanistan in February.


  1. LandWarrior- is that the giant fighting robot with the miniguns, or the giant fighting robot with the rockts and chainsaws? Eh, neve rmind I’ll see myself…



    OK, now I’m disappointed.

  2. GeekLethal,

    As long as it has a flame thrower to deal with the Taliban drug-crazed Zombie threat, I’m cool with it….. 🙂

  3. It would be nice to see the Army pursue a concept rather then trying to fit the Stryker to every battle. An up armored, hybrid drive equipped M113 with a 30mm would be better suited to Afghanistan then the Stryker.

  4. Actual cavalry would also be well suited. Pack mules would be useful too. Seriously.

  5. “Pack mules would be useful too. Seriously.”

    Tim, that’s a valid idea, even camels might be a plus.


    I’d opt for this variety since I’m not sure the army still maintains a veterinary corp with the expertiese to care for real live mules.

    They had these gas propelled creatures when I was snoopin and poopin the boonies. The only real problem was a high center of gravity made them prone to tipping over.

  6. They have had networked dismounted soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan using the Tacticomp system from Sierra Nevada Corporation ( since early 2006. That system also has two-way video and much higher bandwidth using a mobile, ad-hoc network which is both self-forming and self-healing. SNC has fielded their mounted and dismounted system in more than 9 brigades over the past 3 years. The cost for each of those brigades was a fraction of the cost of a Land Warrior brigade. On-line press reported the cost of fielding this brigade with Land Warrior for Afghanistan at over $70 million. Tacticomp is under $25 million for a brigade. ([email protected])

  7. I was wondering when the Army was going to finally deploy BTR-70s to Afghanistan.

    Oops, did I say “BTR-70s”? As in the 1700 8×8 Armored Car wrecks scattered across the Afghan countryside, from which the Taliban learned their trade by destroying in the 1980s?

    Sorry, my bad — I meant to say, “Strykers”.

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