Remote Chain Guns for the Navy

Warships to get remote-controlled deck guns
The 25mm (not 22mm as stated in the article) Mk 38 Mod 2 chain gun is being added to most US Navy surface combatants.


Navy officials say the guns take sailors out of the firing line and give them a new set of eyes for protecting the ship against small threats close aboard, but they also help crews with more mundane tasks, such as finding channel buoys.

“They love it,” said Kevin Lapointe, program manager for surface guns at Naval Sea Systems Command. “This is a significant capability — not just the gun. It’s being used for more than it was initially intended. … They’re using it to gather information and do surveillance.”

The optics can move independently of the gun, so checking out a boat doesn’t necessarily mean giving it the business end of the barrel. The gun can also be operated manually if needed, and it has a back-up battery for two hours.

The plan calls for three Mod 2s aboard amphibious assault ships; two for cruisers, destroyers, frigates and Austin-, Whidbey Island- and Harpers Ferry-class amphibious ships; and one for patrol coastal ships. All the guns are scheduled to be installed by 2015

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  1. I’m sure this is a good idea, but “the crew loves doing mundane things such as checking for channel bouys instead of firing on attackers”? If that were true, and I doubt it, that boat needs a new crew, not a new gun operating system.

  2. Interesting. This gun has been in use on US ships for some years now (I remember looking at one on a ship docked here in Portland for the Rose Festival back in the late 90s.) However, this new mount with stabilization and the optics should make it radically more lethal. No small matter when a well placed 25MM round may make the difference between a sunken ship or another dead jihadi.

  3. I’m not sure we should install these guns. Doing so could be offensive and counter-productive to our ongoing efforts to deescalate conflicts around the world. Instead we should, as a gesture of our goodwill, remove such guns, so that others would not feel threatened by our warships….Warships? we should really change that name to something a little less offensive…

  4. Hope ships? Goodwill ships? Soft power ships?

    This is a great anti-pirate gun. Take them out from a mile out, and don’t look back. No news story, no pity party, no incentive to keep up at something that is a badly losing proposition. And much more appropriately sized than a five inch. I like it.

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