Friday Linkzookery – 10 Jul 2009

Congress Orders Afghanistan Uniform Probe
Wondering if the current color ACU is really the best for Afghanistan.

Report details Port Royal’s grounding
A combination of factors led to the February grounding in Hawaii which caused $25-$40 million in damage. The captain was “qualified for the job, but was not proficient.”

Tactilite .50 BMG Upper for ARs
Bolt-action half-inch firepower for your black rifle.

Rebuilding Carriers
USS Carl Vinson is just finished with her mid-life refueling and overhaul.

Japan Considering THAAD Missile Defense
Don’t blame them.

USB Chainsaw
Oh, yeah!


  1. Murtha is a grand standing nut job in my book, but I agree with him on the ACU issue. I’ve always thought the Army’s contention one camo pattern for all terrains was BS. It’s a typical committee compromise………….good at nothing. It certainly didn’t blend in well (as any number of “desert” patterns) in the Baghdad urban environment.

  2. Actually from what I have seen Flanker the ACU works well in Iraq urban areas, in in some parts of Afghanistan. It just isn’t too good in other parts of Afghanistan and open desert.

  3. Maybe instead of spending $$ fingerf*cking around with overpriced ships that don’t work or fighters with no one to fight, we can focus on what’s important: further plumbing the technology of cool movies.

    Our infantrymen need Predator-style mirrored camo. And pulse rifles.

  4. I don’t see a quick fix for the change to a different camouflage. During my time here, I have seen at least 4 different uniforms in the ACU pattern being issued, the most common being the FR-ACU. The cost for the Flame Resistant-ACU is about $160 for one set. The regular ACU is no longer available for initial issue (in theater) or replacement.
    I imagine if they rushed a new camouflage uniform to Afghanistan, or anywhere else, they would be of inferior quality to even the ACU. What needs to happens is to combine the improvements being recommended for the next ACU with the new camo pattern, whatever that may be.

  5. My experience (not in Afghanistan) is that the new ACU’s are fairly good in sand and scrub-brush – particularly at night.

    They suck for use in the woods during daylight. You can see the bright grey uniform against greenery from a long, long distance.

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