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  1. mild nitpik, these figures reflect who is declaring unemployement, not objective job losses. Women are more likely not to have jobs to lose than men, as they are more likely to stay in advanced schooling than men, or raise a family. Blaming womens’ groups is rather facetious given the different behavior of men and women.

    Also not included are losses in small business owners who can’t declare unemployment ’cause they were not employed by someone else. These I think will mostly be men losing their businesses.

  2. You are correct Sam, and that is exactly why I usually don’t get too excited one way or the other about the unemployment rate.

  3. Speaking of the soaring unemployment rate,

    I’ve been retired for several years now….and lovin it.

    My wife mentioned that between her salary and my pension + social security we were still falling behind the economic comfort curve.

    I put down my can of Colt .45, turned down the sound on the T.V. and pondered for a few seconds then responded:

    “Dear, I guess you’d better start looking for a second job.”

    Toejam’s posting will be light till my fractured left arm heals.

  4. I would suspect that the construction industry that serviced the housing boom was predominantly staffed by men as well, and I know a huge percentage of them are looking for work. Call me sexist, but I don’t see too many women down at the plumbing supply house where we get our stuff. They are rare though they do exist, but I guess most women didn’t get the noticed that they are supposed to do everything that men traditionally did.

    I suppose if someone told me I’m not supposed to deal with sewage because of my gender, I would just go with it too, though.

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