Michigan unemployment hits 15.2%!!! Number of unemployed highest since 1976! Obama says jobs NOT COMING BACK!

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  1. If they had let GM & Chrysler reorganise normally there might have been a chance of them making a comeback and employment picking up in the future.

    Now that they’ve sunk their hooks of inefficiency into both companies sadly I doubt anything good is going to happen in Detroit in the near future.

  2. Johnny Mac said back in Jan 2008 that those jobs were not coming back…Obama and the MSM (BIRM) roasted him for it.

  3. Decades of Liberal Paradise, Big Intrusive Government and Unions. What could go wrong?

  4. Hell, Michigan could be a post-apocalyptic wasteland ruled by blood drinking raiders, and all of the liberals there would still be gagging themselves on Obama’s other stimulus “package”

  5. The Democrat media blames Proposition 13 for California’s financial meltdown. Here is the real cause: http://www.chuckdevore.com/blog.asp?artid=94

  6. Michigan appears to have had its fair share of republican governors. MO, were they just RINOs?


  7. While it’s true MI has had it’s share of Republican Govs, the states’ politics (at least in my life time) have always been dominated by the Dems and unions of the SE corner of the State. Out State MI (everything but Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor, & Lansing and their respective counties) is considerably more conservative, but does not have the voting population base to consistently over ride the lefty, populist procliveties of the “Down State” areas. Not that it’s fair to blame everything in the current state of the state and auto idustry on the unions and left.

    A good share of the current economic woes certainly goes having so many “eggs” in the manufacturing (auto or otherwise) basket. The national economy tanking on toxic assets, and stock market certainly can’t be laid at the feet of the auto companies or unions either. Factor in the $4.00/gallon gas of 2008 and it’s not hard to see how the back bone of US auto production (full size trucks and SUVs) was broken quickly.

    The free trade period of the last 15 or 20 years has done nothing but ship jobs over seas, and both management and the unions bear blame for continuing unrealistic compensation levels in the face of ever encroaching competition form foreign car brands and non union plants down south. As in sports, “teams” that insist on rigid inflexible game plans and strategies tend to get their a$$e$ handed to them eventually.

  8. I’ll go on record and say that, though I’m no fan of Granholm and do think that a lot of her policies have done nothing to help and a fair amount to hurt, I certainly don’t place the blame for Michigan’s current situation at her feet.

    I don’t know any politician who would have been able to make things good, to be honest. I don’t know that previous Repub governors were RINOs, but they were (as far as I can tell) pretty much typical Republicans…meaning not nearly conservative enough for my tastes.

  9. Flanker – Sounds just like NJ. Leave the cities and you find lots of pissed off conservatives. In the cities – lots of overpaid state workers who retire with full pay in their early middle age.

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