Friday Linkzookery – 17 Jul 2009

Murdoc’s apologies for the lack of posting lately. The real world has been interfering again.

The VirtuSphere
A video report on the giant hamster ball virtual reality system MO pointed out a few years back.

USA to delay release of KC-X tanker request
The draft request for proposals has now been delayed until the fourth quarter. We should have new tankers in the air by 2050.

Army acquires rights to M4 and More on the M4 Rights
Other manufacturers can bid to build M4 carbines for the military.

Peruvian U-Boat Stalks the USN
More training with foreign diesel-electrics. I hope we’re learning things.

Russia strategic missile test fails
New Bulava SLBM for the Dolgoruky-class boomers has been pretty much a bust so far.

DOD considers boosting Army size
Temporary increase by up to 30,000? Murdoc says go for it. That’s a government jobs program he can support.

Solid-State Laser Ready For On-Board Tests
Are laser weapons getting closer to prime-time?

IED incidents up dramatically in Afghanistan
736 IED incidents last month.

Israel says anti-rocket system aces first live try
Iron Dome is designed to intercept Katyusha-type rockets from 2 to 45 miles out.

USMC Adopt Airmobile 120mm Mortar System
The EFSS (Expeditionary Fire Support System).

Chain SAW
No pistol grip to scare the banners.

5 Guns That Can Shoot Around Corners


  1. OK, I’m going out on a limb here, to add my own link.

    I know times are tough, but if anyone can spare $5 or so, I know this 88 year old vet would appreciate the contribution. And I’m pretty sure he’ll spend it right.

  2. Lasers for small ship defense?? Oh its the Navy funding it…Now it makes sense.

    Option A: Install a 30mm chain gun with a high intensity floodlight with an independent LADAR or IR scanner, toss in a battle management program for fire control. Cost say 75-100K. The Systems exist, are proven, simple, reliable and deployable now.

    Option B: Install a sold state 110Kw laser with the same local detection systems and battle management software. Cost in the 10’s of millions, may be deployable around 2916-2020. Will require significant modification to current ships to power the system.

    Systems do not exist, its not proven how wall a laser can take out a small boat in a marine environment (Given the power levels – most likely not well and no where near as effective as say a couple of 30mm hits)
    Requires massive power system to power and charge the system to produce acceptable rates of fire. (Which rules out most of the current ships – but it would make it on the DDX!) Would result in several new billeting requirements for high cost sailors (contractor?) to maintain the system.

    Would have issues in a multi-threat environment due to recharge rates and cooling issues.
    While a 30mm system would have ammo detonation issues, high power capacitors has similar issues. More over high power electrical discharges are much more likely to ignite a ships hull the HE 30mm shells and can end up shorting out or fusing the entire ships power grid.

    So naturally the Navy is going with option B….

  3. “So naturally the Navy is going with option B….”

    Not so James,

    If Emperor Obama has anything to say about it.

    He’ll mandate PLAN C

    Extending an open hand!

  4. RE: EFSS.

    This is a debacle waiting to happen. Not only did the Marines foolishly buy a rifled mortar so they can’t share 120mm ammo with the Army (which means they don’t get the low cost benefit of volume discounts), it also means they won’t be able to get and use the GPS-guided mortar round the Army is developing for deployment next year.

    With as little money as the Navy gives them, you’d think the Marines would grab what’s already in the inventory and save some development costs.

  5. “Iron Dome is designed to intercept Katyusha-type rockets from 2 to 45 miles out.”

    The article says the minimum range is 5km (2 miles). Only 5km is 3 miles. I’d say 3-45 is more accurate.

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