USS Los Angeles To Be Retired

Subs, frigate on list of ships being retired

The attack submarines Los Angeles and Philadelphia and three surface ships will be retired in the next year, according to a Navy message released Monday.

Los Angeles will be inactivated Nov. 2, and Philadelphia follows June 10. They will be decommissioned at a later date, according to the message.

The frigate McInerney will be inactivated Aug. 31, 2010. McInerney has recently been used to test the Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle. The frigate will be transferred to Pakistan, according to news reports.

The combat stores ship San Jose will be inactivated Jan. 27, and the ammunition ship Mount Baker will be inactivated Aug. 2, 2010. Both have been requested for use in fleet training exercises, possibly as targets.


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  2. The 688 boats were a great bargain and long-lived. I had the privilege of spending a fortnight aboard Los Angeles many years ago, as part of a “cross deck” experience. She sent a couple of her Sonar folks to our squadron, and I and another AW went aboard her to see “how the other half lived”.

    Quite an experience, and I admit freely that I was always glad those boats (and all our others) were on OUR side. If WE couldn’t track them, then it was a pretty safe bet the other side was having even less success in the game.

    I feel so old, though, realizing how many boats and hulls are being sent out, that were new and shiny when I was serving.

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