The 2003 winners of the Stella Awards arrived in my inbox this morning. If you’re not familiar with the Stella Awards, they highlight the lowlights of our legal system. They work hard to verify their stories and they toss in some choice commentary to go along with the case summary. Very good stuff.

A case that I noted back in July made the 2003 list. In short, a man was struck by lightning in the parking lot of an amusement park. He and his lawyer are suing the park for not warning guests about the danger of lightning.

This was no “act of God”, Ebner says. “That would be a lot of people’s knee-jerk reaction in these types of situations, frankly,” he says, clearly expecting criticism over the suit. He says the amusement park has “a duty of ordinary care” to warn visitors of any foreseeable danger, and the Perkins were not warned about the storm. The amusement park “could have told the people not to go to their cars,” he says, “which are large metal objects that can attract lightning.”

Hell. Why not also sue the car manufacturer? I haven’t looked closely, but I’m not aware of a “Danger! May Attract Lightning Strikes” warning sticker anywhere on my Cavalier.

Anyway, you can subscribe to the Stella Awards mailing list here. It’s got ads and pretty much begs you to sign up for the premium list, but this freebie is definitely worth it.