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David Pinto, who runs the Baseball Musings blog, is going (back, apparently) to work for STATS, Inc. As part of his deal, he will continue to blog about baseball.

Something I’ve been wondering about is the possibility that a pro athlete would maintain a daily weblog of his (or her) experiences on and off the field. Obviously, it would take someone that was willing to open up their life even more to the public, and someone who was good enough with words to write an effective column. I feel that either baseball or ice hockey, because of the daily nature of the sport, would be ideal, but it would work for any sport.

Pro athletes get a lot of negative attention, and in many cases it is well-deserved. Something like this, by a “name” figure, could do wonders.

In my earlier years I was a rabid baseball fan and a die-hard Mets supporter. I found the book If At First… by then-Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez (with Mike Bryan) to be fascinating. It was a day-by-day log of the 1985 season, and it was filled with wonderful insight into the world of baseball and the life of a professional athlete. Obviously, there are many other similar books out there by other athletes, as well. I found the Hernandez book especially interesting because I was Mets fan.

But I think that a daily weblog (which would REALLY be a weblog as opposed to most of the columns today calling themselves ‘blogs’) format would add another level of interest because you don’t collect your thoughts over the course of a year, spend several months re-writing, and then let an editor refine it further. The blog would be as-it-happens coverage of events, and I believe it would make for fascinating reading.

Is this already happening? Clue me in if I’ve missed it. What do you think? (via Instapundit)