Space, the final

Earlier I mentioned that I have been shirking my space-blogging duties. Part of the reason I’ve been doing so is because so many other bloggers are all over the new space initiative and the Mars rovers. The biggest reason is sheer laziness.

Not much you can do about the latter, but if you’re interested in the former, be sure to check out The Eternal Golden Braid, a top-notch site I’ve linked to before. Fred stays on top of the space-related stories with tons of links and quick commentary. Go give him a look-see.

And stop whining that MO isn’t space-blogging more often. I look at my referrer logs. I know what brings readers in. It’s Strykers and assault rifles, baby.

Go check out The Eternal Golden Braid. Tell ‘im Murdoc sent you. (Actually, don’t bother. His referrer logs will do it for you.)

Shutting up now.

UPDATE: Of course, don’t forget about Prof Hall at Spacecraft, either. Always an MO favorite.