Whoops! (What Could Possibly Go Wrong?)

Over at Gateway Pundit:

An Illinois state panel voted today in favor of letting Gov. Pat Quinn close a little-used prison in northwestern Illinois so the Obama administration can use it to hold terrorism suspects now held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Meanwhile, three federal prisoners escaped a downstate federal facility in Illinois today.

More at Founding Bloggers.

If Murdoc were in charge, he’d suggest some sort of island prison for terrorists. If only one were available.


  1. >.>;; Rediscovered the site after Laptop BSOD’d…

    Also…we can always hold em in the numerous island territories we have…I believe we have a few uninhabited islands back in the Marianas…never knew…never left Saipan back when I lived there.

  2. Well, there’s always Manhattan.

    Keep tabs on Snake Plissken though…just in case.

  3. I vote for building a Prison like most of the early Spanish ones. They are below ground. Artificial light. If a riot breaks out, the guards just open the water mains and let it fill up until the screaming stops.

    Of course, I would prefer that we simply stopped taking prisoners. Seems to my mind that we could use the money for other stuff, like Veteran’s benefits, better uniforms and equipment, better chow and chow halls, etc.

    Just sayin’

  4. We have an island paradise that is preconfigured for this worthy purpose…………….it’s called Cuba, and there’s this spot called Guantanamo………………DDOOHH!!

  5. In what must be irony of biblical proportions, lawyers for the prisoners at Gitmo are saying that their clients plan to sue the Federal Government in order to STAY at Gitmo.

    Their complaint is that the maximum-security prison where they will be held violates the standards set forth in the Geneva Convention, whereas those at Gitmo do not.

    This stuff just writes itself, you know?

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