That’s how Capt. Kirk beat the Kobayashi Maru scenario


Defense Tech has a chilling post about the security detail at the Y-12 facility in Oak Ridge, TN. Y-12 is “the nation’s ‘Fort Knox’ of highly enriched uranium.”

When a team of Y-12 rent-a-cops racked up a perfect score during an antiterror drill June 26, officials there were shocked. How could the guards have performed so well, they wondered, when a computer model had predicted that the defenders would lose at least half of their confrontations?

The answer was simple: The guards cheated. They had seen the computer models of the strikes the day before they were launched, rendering the test “tainted and unreliable,” according to the report. And this wasn’t the first time it had happened.

Go read the post.

The Bush administration is weak on the actual ‘defense’ part of foreign policy. While we’re rolling billions into F-22 fighters and 767 tankers, sending troops across the globe, and rushing a prototype national missile defense system into place, we aren’t guarding thermonuclear material. We aren’t guarding the borders closely enough. Los Alamos, a favorite subject at Defense Tech, would be declared WMD-free by UN inspectors because everything keeps getting stolen.

I’m for taking the fight to the other shore. I’m for spending on military programs that will help us win the war. But can’t we post some capable guards here and there?

In related news, a reader yesterday emailed me a story about taping a damaged nuclear weapon back together. He used the subject line “Not sure this is a good idea.” Agreed. Defense Tech also mentions this story in the post.

This morning, a different reader emailed a different story about the same plant, and it also noted that workmen had accidentally drilled into a nuclear warhead’s core. The story is entitled “Homer Simpson let loose on US nuclear weapons facility.” Defense Tech also notes this one.

I don’t know the legal aspects, but the security cheating is traitorous behavior. Examples need to be made.

Eerily similar to those fishermen in Austin, TX.