Hope! The Musical

Those wacky Germans.

It’s HOPE – Obama Musical Story:

According to Speigel:

The plot charts Obama’s political career and simultanously follows a group of residents in an apartment-sharing community, showing how they all become infected by Obama’s message of change.

You. Can. Not. Make. This. Up.

Organizers say they’re working on putting together a US tour.

Murdoc says “please, please, please!”


  1. Was that Janet Napolitano’s character singing in German about how she was never interested in politics???

  2. I’d love to write the rebuttal musical about the disasters Obama’s “change” has brought to America, using rhymes like change, mange, derange, and characters like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers and a Bow Down dance of Obama teaching Americans how to bow before our enemies…But I’ve got more important things to do.

  3. Musicals about murdering Bush, and musicals about Obama’s hopechange. As if theater wasn’t shitty enough, they keep giving me more reasons why I’ll never go.

  4. So………..Murdoc thinks some pathertically tranparent ploy to lure us out of the closet into open condemnation of our New Messiah will work?

    Remember the scene in the first Mummy flick, where the followers of Imhotep are suffering from boils and fly bites Imhotep/The Mummy has inflcited on them; wandering through the streets of Cairo hypnoticall chanting/mumbling, “Imhotep. Imhotep, Imhotep”? Can’t help but have that pop into mind every time I see or hear some stupid $hit like this musical thing.

    Is that for real? ARe you funnin’ with us? LOL!

  5. I hardly know what to say. The bizarro world of ObamaWorship infects otherwise intelligent people. Well, OK, usually. What DearLeader is, is a sneering, mocking, finger wagging little boy who is in way over his head. That’s why all he can do is campaign. But this video dovetails nicely with the school children singing and chanting his praises. All(thanks Flanker) together now: Imhotep, Imhotep, Imhotep…

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