Gaza Garbage Truck

Got this in an email:

Gaza Garbage Truck modified to fire Kasem rockets

Gaza Garbage Truck modified to fire Kasem rockets

It was apparently captured by the Israelis. The sign on the door reads “In case of traffic violations, please contact The Palestinian Authority.”

Not sure about the timing or even the authenticity, but it seems to be more or less in line with what we’ve seen in the past.

Incidentally, if the US wanted to build some of these, it would take thirteen years, five billion dollars for development, and the truck would come in 20,000 pounds over specified weight.


  1. Well yeah, but ours would fire rockets that could actually hit something in particular, rather than just something somewhere ‘over that way’.

  2. Aaaaahhhhh, those fun loving Palestinian Militants. You gotta love ’em for the dedicated haters they are. Rocket the Israelis when they occupy you, rocket the Israelis when they’ve left, rocket the Israelis when you’re negociating for peace, rocket the Israelis when you’re fighting. Rocketing is just plain fun, no matter what you’re doing.

    Murdoc, spot on with your “pithy” (per Bill O’Reilly) comments about our ability to produce a new weapon system.

    1. And it would be air-transportable in a C-130, but only if we took all the wheels off, only left two gallons of gas in the tank, and flew the driver in on a separate flight.

  3. These things have been around for a while;

    At least they haven’t found out about the SAMIL 20 Cargo Truck;

    …or the Valkiri MBRL that looks EXACTLY LIKE a SAMIL 20 Cargo Truck while a canvas is on top;

  4. Meanwhile, it appears that the Palestinians spent their goat milk money from Tuesday and Wednesday to build this one.

  5. I think this is a hoax. If it was a REAL Palestinian rocket launcher, it would have a red cross (or crescent) painted on it.

  6. I am reminded of a certain Bill Murray movie. A motor home might be less conspicuous, AND they could put actual human shields inside.

  7. Congrats, idiot Palestinians. You’ve now made every public works vehicle you own a legitimate target.


  8. Hey people! That’s a manifold type exhaust system which circulates exhaust thru the bed to keep stuff from freezing on the bottom of the bed!

    Nice try tho…….

  9. exhaust manifold….I don’t think so. I just saw a video of this thing in operation and that is a missile launcher….go to

  10. wturk is correct. This IS a system to direct exhaust gas from a matching manifold under the cab. Notice that you’ve never seen the back lower bottom of the cab in ANY of the pictures. These same pictures were addressed in 2002, and these same trucks are still being used today, but not to launch rockets. This type exhaust configuration is common on various types of dump trucks used around the world, to keep the contents hot, and/or keep the wet contents from freezing to the steel bed.

    1. I would have to agree with Steve and wturk. There are no missile tubes under the bed on the other side, just the bed. I don’t think you can fire a missile out of a hole without a tube behind it to hold the missile.

      The things people come up with to perpetuate hate. 🙁

  11. Look at he bottom of the bed!
    Nice comment from an other blog:
    1. Let’s start with the first and most obvious problem. This is a dump truck, not a traditional garbage truck. That doesn’t mean much of course, a dump truck can easily pass as a garbage truck with some able bodies working it. So where’s the problem? Well…

    You can see it by looking at the picture, the same thing you’ll see if you do a google image search on all kinds of dump trucks (trucks in that lifting position mind you) – THERE’S NO PLACE FOR THE ROCKETS.

    Take a look at that picture – look at the underbelly of the truck. Having a bunch of suspicious looking holes on the front of the truck means absolutely nothing if there’s no tube or space of them to come out of. Instead, behind where the holes should be, we see the raised part of the bottom of the truck, with the usual supports where it comes to rest on the truck bed. There should be tubes, or SOMETHING structurewise to facilitate the rockets coming out. Where do the rockets sit? Nowhere. There’s no place for them, no storage.

    2. On that note, these are called “Qassam Rockets”. After looking them up, I have to ask how someone is supposed to fit, at smallest, a two foot long rocket into that ridiculously small space.

    3. No firing mechanism. Who’s gonna light it off, and how are they going to avoid doing it without blowing themselves and the driver of the truck’s heads off? This, if real, is clearly not intended to be a suicide device.

    4. Last, but not least, a fricking neon pink construction paper sign that points a finger directly at the Palestinian Authority. Does that even make the remotest kind of sense? These people are supposedly brilliant enough to jury-rig a garbage truck to fire rockets secretly but does something so blazingly obvious as using a giant-sized finger to point at their truck and draw everyone’s attention to it, not to mention tell everyone exactly who to blame if their secret rocket launcher gets caught?

  12. This is a picture of modified trucks in Iraq around 2008. It was taken by the British Army. Check out the tank on the right. To those of you literate in the Arabic language, it mentions nothing about the Palestinian Authority, but about specs of the vehicle. What the Hebrew says would seem quite awkward if that were what it really said.
    P.S. Look up a Qassam rocket and see what you think about the “corresponding” firing holes.

  13. The tubes under the bed of the dump body are heating manifolds, not rocket launchers. Blacktop, also known as “Hot Mix Asphalt” for paving roads, is made from various sized stone, sand, & liquid asphalt that is mixed at a plant & dropped into the dump truck hot. In order to get the asphalt to the job site & install it, it must remain hot. The truck has a heating system that runs under the dump body to do this. I’m sure the photo will circulate & create hysteria now.

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