Friday Linkzookery – 30 Jul 2010

Linkzookery has been MIA for a while. But it’s back.

Final MC-12 deployed to USCENTCOM AOR
All 30 planes from the MC-12W Liberty program deployed in only 13 months. More on the MC-12W here and here.

Guns of the Enemy
AKs, Dragunovs, PPSh-41s, and Khyber Pass Copies.

Mystery deepens over why sailors left base
This whole story is just odd.

Support for Mexican Border Fence Up to 68%
What I can’t figure out is what the other 32% are thinking. No immigration policy of any kind will have any real effect if the border is wide open. Fix the border, then look at fixing policy.

500 guardsmen on border by end of September
It’s a start.

U.S. Contractor Use in Iraq Expected To Rise
The State Department, especially, will be using contractors for more and more.

Crayola Rockets
Pretty cool. But looks like a kids version of a Katyusha rocket launcher. Hezbollah will be using them soon, parking them in playgrounds and orphanages.

Corps takes a new look at green bullet
Marines will try out the new M855A1 round in addition to the open-tipped SOST ammo that they’re switching to right now.

‘Criminals & Terrorists Welcome!’
Billboard I photographed outside of Fenway in Boston earlier this year.

Brownells’ AR-15 .22 LR Conversion Kit
Say Uncle reviews it for

Chrysler helps build the arsenal of democracy: M3, Sherman, and Pershing tanks
Great read. They kept exceeding production goals and then refunded the money they saved through economy of scale. Just like today’s builders.

Kirovs Back in Service?
We should raise a stink about it just to goad them into going through with the plan.

Gates Shares Common Experiences, Vision With Scouts
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates shared his personal experiences and passion for Boy Scouting with tens of thousands of Scouts and their families gathered for the 100th anniversary celebration of the Boy Scouts of America.

A Gathering of Eagles
Murdoc’s son is getting close to his Eagle.

The U.S. Military Wants a Battlefield-Ready Flying Car
Flying Humvee.
Find a nearby shooting range.

Inside (and outside) the Superdome: What went right
Remember all the stories about how the National Guard set up HQ in the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina and flew over 10,000 helicopter sorties out of the parking lots? Yeah. Me neither.

Smart Virtual Minefield Offers Tactical Coverage Without the Ugly Unexploded Ordnance
Metal Storm covering an area monitored by sensors. Seems to have some advantages for some situations, but certainly wouldn’t replace landmines for most uses.

Marine aircraft wing gets new commander
It doesn’t specify which aircraft. Or if it’s the left wing or the right wing. [Sorry. -ed.]


  1. Speaking of the Mexican Border fence, here is a relevant item. The Indo-Bangladeshi barrier is currently being construction along the India-Bangladeshi border.

    n a construction project that will eventually reach 4,000 kilometres (2,500 mi), the barrier itself will be a barbed wire and concrete fence. Sections of the barrier totaling about 2,490 kilometres (1,550 mi) have been built over the past seven years. There is no clear completion date for the US $1.2 billion project yet. The barrier when complete will be patrolled by the Border Security Force. The fence will also be electrified at some stretches.

    Here we have an example of a democracy, no less, building a fence along a comparable border to our southern one. Notice how the cost is slightly over $1 billion, and that in only 7 years over half of it has been completed. The next time someone tells you that our southern border is too big, just show them this.

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