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Battlewagon Wednesday – 12 Aug 2009

USS North Carolina visitors up 12.3% The North Carolina Zoo, state aquariums and the Battleship North Carolina all beat last year’s numbers for the month. “It’s very affordable and we’re not far away,” said Heather Loftin, with the Battleship North Carolina. Most attractions that saw the bump are only a day trip for most in […]

Battlewagon Wednesday – 10 Jun 2009

The long-awaited return of the weekly battleship fix. httpv:// Lots of scans from old ONI recognition manuals. Very much worth a look. Here’s part of the USS West Virginia (BB 48): I hadn’t realized that an entirely new outer hull had been added to the West Virginia.

Battlewagon Wednesday – 04 Feb 2009

This post went live a bit earlier but was incomplete. I pulled it until I could get more battlewagons into it. My apologies. A previous edition of Battlewagon Wednesday linked to a skateboarding event held aboard USS North Carolina (BB 55). It seems that not everyone thought that the event was appropriate: Battleship skaters an […]

Battlewagon Wednesday

USS California (BB 44) Class: Tennessee Laid Down: Oct. 25, 1916 Launched: Nov. 20, 1919 Commissioned: Aug. 10, 1921 Displacement: 32,300 tons (40,950 after refit) Length: 624.5 feet Beam: 97.3 feet Draft: 30.3 feet Speed: 21 knots Complement: 57 officers, 1026 men Armament:    12× 14-inch (356 mm) guns    14× 5-inch (127 mm) guns    4× 3-inch […]

Battlewagon Wednesday

USS Michigan (BB 27) Class: South Carolina Laid down: 17 December 1906 Launched: 26 May 1908 Commissioned: 4 January 1910 Decommissioned: 11 February 1922 Displacement: 16,000 tons Length: 452.8 feet (138.0 m) Beam: 80.3 feet Draft: 24.5 feet Speed: 18.5 knots Armament: 8× 12″ guns in 4 turrets 22× 3″ guns 4× 1pdr gun 2x […]