MO Fumigated

It seems that a clean-up on aisle four some time back was not as successful as Murdoc had thought and Murdoc Payday Online has been feeding out pharma links in the background. My apologies if this caused any issues. I believe that the situation has now been corrected.

Let me know if anything seems amiss.

Steven DenBeste

Steven DenBeste, author of U.S.S. Clueless when Murdoc discovered him, has died.

U.S.S. Clueless was one of the first blog-type news/commentary sites that I followed, and it was not only informative and entertaining, it was inspirational. Murdoc Payday Online probably would not have existed without U.S.S. Clueless.

The first “big link” MO received was from DenBeste, and I still remember the thrill of realizing that a writer who I looked up to had thought enough to link, quote, and comment on something little old Murdoc had posted.

Archives of USS Clueless are currently available here.

I did not know DenBeste personally, but I wish him godspeed and thank him for all that he did. Farewell.

Old Blogger Site Deleted

FYI Murdoc finally caved and deleted the the old blogspot Blogger version of Murdoc Payday Online. I don’t think it will be missed. All of the content is on this site.

Had a few minutes of nostalgia poking around.

More Furniture Moving

IpadsContinuing the overhaul of the site. What Murdoc is really looking for is feedback on issues, particularly with mobile devices. Tell him what’s wrong and what you’re using.

Also, I’ve added share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. If something will be of interest to those you know, don’t be shy about sharing. Let me know if there are any issues with this, as well.

I can’t take over the world if you don’t Tweet my stories, people. Get with the program.

Rearranging the Furniture

Murdoc’s been goofing with stuff. Let him know if anything on the new layout seems broken. Feedback is welcome.

Also, he’s finally got around to setting up a Facebook page for this site. If you’re on FB and interested, give it a like. He’s not exactly sure how he’s going to use it, but it’s not going to be simply a re-posting of the content on this page. He promises no cat pictures unless they’re a Grumman cat.

Like it:

Murdoc Agrees: Down with Satan

Been a while since Murdoc got any real hate mail. He hopes that this sort of thing indicates that he’s on the comeback:

America and American army are Satan’s soldiers
Down with all of you and satan

Ah, just like the good old days.

UPDATE: Also it appears that Murdoc’s Twitter feed is operational once again. Follow him @murdoconline if you dare.