Month: March 2003

FIERCE RESISTANCE 23:12 31 Mar 2003

We keep hearing about the heavy fighting around An Nasiriyah, Al Basrah, and along the supply lines. Certainly there’s some shooting and killing going on, but none of it should really be called “heavy.” The attacks by irregulars and raids by SUV-equipped militia-types are nothing more than harrassment. Potentially deadly, to be sure, but certainly […]


During late February and early March, I ranted on and on about why I thought the war would/should start around March 28th due to moon conditions which bring a new moon on April 1. Rumsfeld dismissed my concerns, however, perhaps in hope of huge Iraqi surrenders facilitated by better visibility. Our night-fighting capabilities allow us […]

THAT SUCKS 20:37 29 Mar 2003

This from a Reuters report on 3rd ID fighting in Al Kifl, north of An Najaf on the Baghdad side of the Euphrates: The officers said the tank unit fired two 120 mm high velocity depleted uranium rounds straight down the main road, creating a powerful vacuum that literally sucked guerrillas out from their hideaways […]

NERVES OF STEEL 16:01 29 Mar 2003

Here’s what to do if your tank is fired on by an optically tracked, wire-guided missile: On Thursday, American military commanders briefed their troops on the new threat and how it can be countered by quickly maneuvering and firing in the direction of the missile, causing the person guiding the missile to move and change […]