Month: May 2003


12:05 26 May 2003         I’m writing this and you’re reading this because of the actions and sacrifices of those brave men and women who have served in our armed forces, many of whom have lost their lives while performing their duties. Whether you agree or disagree with causes they fought for, whether you agree […]


22:49 22 May 2003 There’s apparently rumor of a top secret “supertank” being designed by the Chinese that will be far superior to the US M-1. According to Strategy Page The new Chinese tank is said to have a 152mm main gun, and use Russian technology for its composite and reactive armor and active laser […]


23:01 22 May 2003 According to a May 14 story on Strategy Page, the troops aren’t terribly happy with their weapon selection for city fighting. Among the main points: They want more pistols. Many times a rifle is to unwieldy and cumbersome in close-quarters fighting, and the longer range and greater accuracy at range isn’t […]