Month: July 2003

Blue & Gold

While at a training session today at an automotive assembly plant in Indiana, we were told that instead of 1st shift and 2nd shift, they have a “blue crew” and a “gold crew”. We were told that the colors represented the state colors of Indiana. Although I couldn’t confirm that Indiana even has official state […]

New hats for Marines

In today’s Strategy Page Infantry Section (copied completely because SP has no permalinks to indivdual posts): The U.S. Marines are getting a new Kevlar helmet this Summer. Some 43,000 combat troops are getting the new headgear, that looks like the current helmet, but is 15 percent lighter, provides more protection and is a lot more […]

What the numbers really say

Doubts rise on credibility of evidence for Iraq war Under the front page link of “Doubts rise on Iraq war credibility” is a report that includes Forty-seven percent said they believed Bush exaggerated the evidence, while 48 percent said he presented the most complete information he had. and But respondents faulted Democrats for making too […]

Even AMD loves The Boss

Is AMD Brewing New Opterons? The simultaneous posting of price cuts for existing Opteron processors and benchmark results for new Opteron processors has PC World wondering if the next wave of AMD server chips is coming soon. Personally, I couldn’t care less. But at the end of the piece is AMD will release the desktop […]

I’ll take that as a ‘Yes’

Congress questions Defense Department’s cybersecurity plans This PC World piece discusses potential vulnerability in our military’s computer infrastructure. Major concerns are the widespread use of off-the-shelf software which could easily be hacked, the fact that, with the same software used across many systems, one problem or successful attack could bring down significant protions of the […]