Month: August 2003

Resupply run to ISS

Progress freighter arrives at space station With the previous Progress vehicle loaded up with garbage and sent to burn up in earth’s atmosphere, the latest unmanned supply run to the International Space Station has arrived with food, CDs, and DVDs, along with a large amount of gear and equipment for the next ISS crew, which […]

Why isn’t this on ABC or CNN?

Iraq is for Iraqis An Instapundit reader emailed Glenn Reynolds about some leaflets that US authorities are distributing offering rewards for turning in saboteurs. Apparently, some Iraqis have added a sticker reading as follows (translated): Iraq is for Iraqis Arab national should leave Iraq If they don’t they will bear the consequences The Iraqi people […]

Another side to the no-bid contracts debate

We had it, and we threw it away. One of the most frustrating things about the “reconstruction” of Iraq is the problems the Iraqi people are having getting basic services and utilities. I mean, it must be a little difficult to fully appreciate your new-found freedom when you don’t have electricity, running water, or telephone […]

They don’t run on static electricity

Cars and trucks outnumber drivers It’s too bad that John Galt isn’t around to invent a gadget that would simply power our 204 million vehicles (driven by 191 million drivers) by pulling stray power out of the air. Since he isn’t, and since others have decided that gasoline is the best fuel for them, we […]

Update to Saudis

A reader e-mailed me with this comment on my earlier post about Saudi’s challenge to our allegatoins that Saudi citizens (and others) are entering Iraq through Saudi Arabia to attack US forces. Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to publicly call them out on where they stand? It doensn’t have to be agressive, just a […]