Month: October 2003


Mystery Missile Apparently, on August 28th a weapon of some sort penetrated the side armor of an M1A1 tank, passed through the back of the gunner’s seat (and damaging his flak jacket), tearing through some interior systems, and damaging the opposite side of the hull. Check the link above for an amazing series of photos. […]

On the road again

I’m on the road again, this time to Kansas. At least we’re staying at a Drury Inn, which comes with high-speed internet access. I’ll post a bit if/when I get a chance. In the meantime, check out some of the folks on the right. All quality stuff.

That must be loads of fun

AndrewSullivan: The Bush Boom Sullivan notes the good economic news. This is bad, bad news for the Democrats. But the really bad news is that their main policy right now is hoping for bad news. That is really discouraging, but they don’t seem to really latch on to what I think are some of the […]

Cry me a river

Air-tanker plan could hurt fighter project Naming a specific program after noting last week that buying tankers instead of leasing them might cause cuts in other programs, the Air Force’s top acquisition official says that the F/A-22 fighter program might have to be cut if the compromise plan goes through. IMHO, that just makes buying […]

12.57 light hours out

Voyager at 90 AU Voyager 1 is now over 90 Astronomical Units (1 AU = distance from our Sun to the Earth) from the Earth. It’s moving at about 38,436 miles per hour. That’s booking. On August 19th I posted that Voyager 1 was merely 12.34 light hours away. Maybe Voyager 1 is the only […]