Month: March 2004

Dilbert e-Newsletter now in HTML format

It’s published irregularly but always full of good stuff. Here’s a couple items from the new format e-mail newsletter that I received today: TOLEDO, OH – Angered at years of paying an allowance to their 12-year-old son Teddy and receiving “almost nothing” in return, Jack and Doris Benjamin decided to sue. Jack explained, “We expected […]

You gotta love Madonna

You don’t? Really? Well, then I vote “I don’t.” Madonna shoots from hip in new anti-war video Madonna is going to have some sort of anti-war sentiment in her new music video. The troops should all be home by Easter. The source says that Madonna and her dancers have been training with rifles, military style, […]

PCI Express

Superfast Interface for PC slots The short version: 250 – 4000 megabytes per second sustained bus throughput, 75 watts, backwards compatible with PCI 2.2. The variable speed is due to x1, x4, x8, x16 versions. 250MB per second per x. Current PCI is 133MB per second and 25 watts. Although the bus is going to […]

Where are my Avs?

The Stanley Cup playoffs are right around the corner, and the Colorado Avalanche are playing like it’s training camp. What’s going on? They needed a win last night to keep from falling to FIFTH in the Western Conference. Luckily, they pulled out a 2-1 victory over the LA Kings. Their road record, even after this […]

Gunning Smoke

New York City’s Smoking Ban Helps Business, Study Says I’m a little skeptical of this, but regardless of the accuracy or the veracity of the study, it hints that perhaps the smoking ban isn’t the end of bar business in the free world, after all. For totally partisan screaming and yelling, be sure to visit […]

Stryker destroyed by external fuel can

The Stryker that was destroyed yesterday burned because an external fuel can caught fire after the slat armor defeated the incoming RPG warhead. A short CJTF7 press release sums it up: A Task Force Olympia Stryker vehicle was attacked by rocket-propelled grenade fire in west Mosul this afternoon. An RPG hit the external armor on […]

ACE on the 6.8 SPC

RifleShooter field review of the Remington 6.8mm SPC Airborne Combat Engineer has another extensive post up on this round. Many think that it might be a potential replacement for the current 5.56mm NATO round used by the US military and our NATO allies. Since the early 90s, there has been a fair amount of criticism […]

Election Projection back at it

A big “Welcome Back!” to Scott Elliot of Election Projection. Mr. Elliot’s parents, missionaries in Iraq, were killed earlier this month with along two other missionaries in Mosul. The map on my sidebar shows the current status of Election Projection, and links to the main page. Go check it out. (via Wizbang)