Month: April 2004

Tillman to get Silver Star

Tillman honored for leading rescue in ambush Pat Tillman will receive the Silver Star and a posthumous promotion. The announcement included more specific details of his final actions: In announcing the Silver Star award, the Army Special Operations Command provided the most specific description of what happened to Tillman on April 22. His platoon was […]

New WatchBlog Entry

George Bush and the Inability to Admit Error My latest post on the Watchblog is up. President Bush and Dick Cheney talked with the 9/11 commission yesterday. We don’t know exactly what was said, but it’s a pretty safe bet that Bush didn’t say “We could have done more. I wish that we had.” Why […]

Boomers Summary

Nuclear-powered strategic submarines worldwide—a comparison Here’s a great write-up of current SSBN capabilities and deployments for all the world’s navies. Good stuff. The current US administration plans to field 1,700-2,200 operationally deployed strategic warheads by 2012; though the lower number is derived by no longer counting the warheads on SSBNs in overhaul as being “operationally […]


Here are four pages of pictures from a soldier returned from Iraq. Not all of them have dates, but they seem to be from the invasion. Definitely some good stuff. WARNING: Some are very graphic. (via J-Walk)

Mouth, meet Foot

Quote of the Day I realize this is a little behind the times, but I’ve been busy. From All AgitProp: (Courtesy of Juliette) “I have to march because my mother could not have an abortion.” –US Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif) at Pro-Abortion Rally Sunday, April 25 Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, crying shame, that, Maxine. That has got […]


Mr. Lincoln Gives a Press Conference—September 1, 1864 You all know I love half-baked analogies. Not because I think they truly explain what’s happening today, but becasue they can help us get our minds around things that we really don’t. Here’s one by Victor Davis Hanson that should be checked out. Really. Mr. Lincoln, would […]

I thought Scappleface was joking

Rep. McDermott Forgot ‘Under God’, Civil Rights Act When I read this story, I thought Mr. Ott was joking when he wrote that Rep. Jim McDermott claimed he didn’t say “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance because he had learned the Pledge when he was young, before the word were added in 1954. Apparently […]

Man Bites Dog…Breaks Teeth

ARMORED DOGS ON IRAQ PATROL DefenseTech points out some Marine dogs who have been outfitted with Kevlar body armor. I fully realize that there’s more to fighting a war than fancy gadgets and high-tech weaponry, but our DOGS have better protection than the insurgents do. That can’t be good for insurgent recruiting. Also, the military […]