Month: June 2004


With almost every poll I’ve seen in the past two weeks showing Bush either gaining (in some cases pretty significantly) or holding steady with Kerry, MSNBC headlines their site with The story shows Bush with a 45%-44% LEAD, for crying out loud. Never mind that odds are good that Bush will lose the popular vote […]

Bertuzzi doozy

Moore’s attacker could face prison time if convicted of assault Something I saw but failed to post on while out of town at the end of last week is the charging of Vancouver Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi with assault causing bodily harm by British Columbia’s ministry of the attorney general. You may recall that Bertuzzi […]

The plan isn’t a secret

Is history repeating itself?: Americans try their hand at resolving the ‘Mesopotamia question’ The writer of an analysis piece on MSNBC notes that an Iraqi friend asked this of post-invasion Iraq: “Are the Americans so smart that they have a plan for Iraq that’s so complicated that I don’t understand it, or are they so […]

Can we PROVE we don’t have him?

U.S. denies report Zarqawi in custody Iraqi TV announced that US troops have captured Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. “That is false,” said an aide to Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmit, the deputy chief of operations. “I can tell you that Zarqawi has not been arrested. We just checked with the unit.” Note that Kimmit claims that Zarqawi […]


I’ve been away. Now I’m back. Expect blogging to resume in the near future. I see that Technotati tells me that I’ve somehow managed to get listed on 13 sites along the lines of “paris hiltons nude, hiltons nude paris, hiltons nude paris pic, hiltons nude paris video” that link to a December post about […]

Keeps on ticking

Troops kill 13 in fierce 12-hour firefight near Baqubah Army Times has a story on a 12-hour battle in Baqubah, northeast of Baghdad. Soldiers from the Big Red One rolled into town to answer the challenge of a local leader who vowed he’d engage any coalition forces who entered the city. Adding fuel to the […]